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   DoorsAndOpeners.com is owned and managed by Greg Smith which was established in 2002 by individuals who have been in and around the garage door sales and service dealer industry for more than 30 years. Therefore not only do we have a vast knowledge of the garage door and garage door opener industry, but we also have personally known a number of the dealers throughout the country for numerous years.

   The site was established to provide a means for the consumer to easily locate a professional, licensed, and insured IDA garage door dealer in their area at no additional cost to the consumer. Although many dealers have web sites, many of them can not be easily found in search for some search terms. Therefore, the site's goal is to be the short-cut bridge between the Internet consumer and the garage door dealer.

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise DoorsAndOpeners.com will establish a business relationship with our customers that we hope will last a lifetime!

Greg Smith, (DoorDoc)


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